Must-Try Pinoy Street Foods

By: Shara Vy

“It’s More Fun In The Philippines!” Yes, it really is! If you’re adventurous when it comes to food, you must definitely try Pinoy Street Foods. As the saying goes, “You’re not Pinoy when you haven’t tried street foods”.  Trying street foods in the Philippines is very fun, challenging and saves some of your budget. Here’s a list of 10 popular street foods you can enjoy when traveling to the Philippines!

1. Halo-Halo

Abatures || Austin Gil

It is a mixed shaved of ice, evaporated or condensed milk, beans, gulaman, flakes, variety of fruits, nata de coco, etc. It is one of the Filipinos favourite desserts especially during hot days in summer! Some topped it with leche flan, ube jam and ice cream. Simply Delicious!

2. Kwek Kwek and Tokneneng

The Daily Roar || Rosemarie Ramos

Kwek kwek are quail boiled eggs dipped on orange batter while tokneneng are chicken or duck boiled eggs. They are deep fried until crispy.


3. Sorbetes


Also known as “Dirty Ice Cream”, HOLD UP! It’s not really “dirty”. These are home-made ice creams with different flavors. The Dirty Ice Cream or Sorbetes in the Philippines has it’s own distinct and addictive taste that you need to try!

4. Mani (Peanuts)


There are variety of options that you can choose. There are boiled, raw, skinless, spicy peanuts, cashew nuts, castanas or chestnuts.

5. Banana Cue, Camote Cue, and Turon

guiddoo || Alvvina Sayed

These three are very popular Filipino street foods commonly seen together and  often served in the mid-afternoon as a “mirenda,” meaning “snack.” Banana Cue is a local banana, known as “saba,” deep fried in a caramelized sugar coating and then poked with a stick. Same goes with Camote Cue, except instead of using banana it uses camote. Turon is also made up banana, often paired with langka, wrapped in lumpia wrapper and then fried in caramelized sugar.



“Tahooooooooooo” is one of the street side sounds you’ll often hear in the Philippines and it’s one of the most common things to see people drinking. Taho is a tofu milk type of drink. It’s warm, fresh soy milk type with a richer volume to it. Add on some caramelized brown sugar and “sago” or pearls or small tapioca balls, and you have a very affordable and delicious drink.

7.Fish Balls, Squid Balls, Tempura and Chicken Balls


These can be easily be found in the streets and they are usually on a push cart and can be seen mostly near schools. Fish balls are made from finely pulverized cuttlefish meat or Pollock and they are formed in flat shape. Other variations now include the squid balls and chicken balls. They are deep fried and you can have a preference of their sauce. Sweet sauce, spicy sauce or a vinegar mix add the much needed flavor to a rather bland tasting snack.

8. Adidas

Philippine Online Chronicles

No, this isn’t the brand of your shoes. Adidas are actually chicken feet! Adidas are usually served on a stick and grilled to perfection, but you can also catch this delicacy steamed or stewed at Chinese restaurants around the Philippines.What do Adidas taste like? Well, it tastes like chicken!

9. Isaw


Grilled, fried, stewed or cooked almost any way you want, the Isaw, or Chicken Intestine is one of the best Filipino street foods that you need to try! Yes, it might sound icky at first, but rest assured that these do go through an intensive cleaning process before being served. Other than being cleaned, Chicken Intestines are also boiled first to rid any bacteria or unwanted stuff on them. Following which the most common practice on the streets is to curl up the intestines on a BBQ stick and then grilled. You’ll be surprised by the flavorful and good taste of Isaw!


Philippine Traveler || Adelle Cristine

The best of Filipino street foods! Duck Embryo, or Duck Fetus, or Unborn Duck, or whatever other appetizing name you want to call it, is one of the most popular “weird” foods from anywhere in the world. It was even featured in survival TV shows, like Fear Factor and Survivor! The looks of it are not quite good since the nearly formed embryo can be seen. However, Balut are very high in protein and aphrodisiac. It is believed eating Balut can make your knees stronger! Proper way of eating Balut is to suck the amniotic fluid before peeling it off. It is best to eat the chick and yolk with vinegar and salt. YUUUUM 😀 😀 😀

There you have it folks! Get your plane tickets and try these amazing street foods in the Philippines! 


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